Campad Electronics – Your Ultimate Guide

Campad Electronics is proud to share with you that they now feature two chargers from the world known as Otterbox. The shop has offered Otterbox mini cases to Australian consumers for many years now and are looking forward to continuing to support them with their popular Otterbox powerbanks. The company believes strongly in carrying quality products and as a result, they are happy to offer a range of batteries and chargers from leading companies such as Otterbox. If you have yet to purchase a case from them, then take a look at the two chargers they are offering right now – the Paladin Express and the Vanish Powerstation. Both of these are top of the range products and will add incredible value to any laptop or powerbank, making them perfect gifts for anyone in your life.

Campad Electronics


In order to fully appreciate Campad Electronics you have to look at the various technologies they use. One of their latest innovations is the inclusion of two new wireless chargers. These will enable you to use your iPhone or other devices with ease wherever you are, and at any time of the day. These new chargers are proving very popular with business travellers, those on the move and just people who like to travel light.


The addition of these two new wireless chargers to Campad Electronics has proved highly popular with business travellers and others that may need to charge their mobile phones whilst away from home. The company has recognised the importance of providing a high quality charging solution to consumers and have responded by adding two new chargers to their range. One of these, the Paladin Express is designed to be used in an iPad or iPhone and can be used safely in the air. This ensures that you get the best charging experience wherever you are, making it a perfect choice for those on the move, or on holiday.


The second charger, the Paladin-EZ is a USB 2.0 port that can also be used with your other electronic equipment. It provides the same high quality of charging as the Paladin Express and can be used safely in the air. So, if you travel or are on holiday and require an iPhone or other mobile phone, this is the charger you need. You will find that these two products from campad electronics, along with the many other options available, will all help you make the most of your mobile phones.


In the world of mobile phone accessories, technology has continued to evolve over the last few years. Campad Electronics has been among the first to bring advanced technology to consumers through the introduction of innovative car chargers. Their range of car chargers for iPhones and other compatible mobile phones allows you to enjoy wireless connectivity wherever you are, even whilst out travelling. This means you can now use your phone without any cables, making it easier to stay connected while you are on the move. So, whether you are travelling abroad, for business or pleasure, you do not need to worry about missing a call – your phone will always be charging!


The third option from campad electronics that has proved popular with consumers is their massive range of wallpapers and mobile phone accessories. There are many different styles available for example, and all of them are designed to work seamlessly with your existing gadgets. You can easily download and synchronize your wallpapers and charge your phone without any hassle. In fact, many users have said that the iPhone is one of the easiest gadgets to use with, thanks to the wallpapers it uses.


Another of the exciting new features from campad electronics is the Bluetooth car kit. This has proved to be another winner with the consumer and has come on leaps and bounds since it was first launched a few years ago. Basically, the Bluetooth car kit allows you to make hands free calls hands free by using your car’s built in GPS, regardless of if you are driving in an area that is equipped with cell phone signals or not. You can also find Bluetooth antenna kits for use with your laptop as well, making long distance communication even more convenient.


The final part of this brand’s range of mobile phone holders is the super stylish and compact cradles. With a sleek design and a huge variety of sizes, there is certainly something for everyone. At over two and a half inches thick and weighing almost two and a half pounds, you can safely carry these around with ease. The campad electronics car phone holders are beautifully designed and perfectly designed to match the latest smartphones, with Bluetooth capability.