Sobha Hartland Offers Private Villas And Apartments In Dubai

Sobha Hartland encompasses the majestic Pinellas County waterfront and has become one of the premiere destinations for both pleasure and investment in Florida real estate today. With an ideal setting for large scale residential development as well as commercial development, this small but energetic city is quickly becoming one of the top destinations in the Tampa Bay area. Tranquility abounds as you explore the many points of interest and architectural masterpieces throughout the quaint neighborhoods. Immerse yourself in the culture and history as you explore the many outdoor activities, fine dining, and world class shopping centers throughout the City of Lakes.
Sobha Hartland


With a focus on residential rather than commercial real estate, Sobha Hartland prides itself on providing truly exceptional living opportunities for residents. Offering privacy and charm in a low-key atmosphere, the apartments and villas offer spacious living areas complete with top of the line appliances, hardwood flooring, fireplaces, state of the art entryways, and fully equipped kitchens. If you want to break away from the hassles of daily life and explore the beauty of Lake Travis, Sobha Hartland provides the perfect opportunity to do just that. Breathtaking views of Lake Travis and the Gulf of Mexico provide the ultimate relaxing experience, while breathtaking architecture and top-notch appliances will ensure that your time in the City of Lakes will be pleasant and stress free. Stop by and take a look at what amazing apartments and villas await you!


Downtown Dubai is comprised of some of the most affluent areas in Dubai and offers some of the most enticing amenities available to travelers. Located right in the heart of Dubai, residents of Sobha Hartland can access the shopping and dining opportunities that are available right downtown. Fine dining and top-notch international cuisine are also conveniently provided as part of your daily dose of food and drink.


There are numerous private beach-front apartments and villas in downtown Dubai. Some residents choose these properties for their extended stay. For those looking for a short vacation, a vacation apartment such as one of Sobha Hartland’s Villas in Dubai is the perfect option. Residents of the private properties in downtown Dubai have access to all of the amenities that are offered on a full-time basis. Residents enjoy private decks, private pools, and even have the convenience of having an on-site swimming pool.


The Townhouses and Villas in the City of Lakes are serviced by two different mousetraps – one leading into the Lakes and another leading out of the Lakes. Residents have easy access to the shopping, dining, and cultural offerings that are available in the downtown area. The residents of Sobha Hartland tend to select one of the townhouses and villas that are situated closest to their residences. Residents who stay in the downtown area are able to access shopping, entertainment, and dining right on their doorstep. Those who choose to rent one of the private townhouses or villas in Dubai often choose the same villas as their extended-stay hotel guests. When visiting a private property in Dubai, visitors are often assigned a personal concierge.


The private townhouses and apartments that are located near the Sobha Hartland apartments and shops are usually serviced by separate swimming pools and hot tubs. If the resident wants to play tennis, a game that can be enjoyed around the clock, they can do so right on their private pool deck. Some residents prefer to relax and enjoy the outdoor gardens and swimming areas that are featured in some of the townhouses and apartments in Dubai.


The apartments and villas in Dubai that are open spaces provide residents with many types of recreational options. Residents can enjoy the scenic views that are featured in these buildings. They can also take advantage of the heated indoor pools and outdoor hot tubs that are featured in many of the private villas and apartments in Dubai. The residents of these domes and townhouses will find that they receive all of the modern amenities that they would receive at home, including air conditioning, cable TV, telephone services, wireless Internet connections and other similar amenities.


Another group of people that receive great hospitality when staying in the private townhouses or villas in Dubai that are known as sipha ark drop homes include holidaymakers and foreigners who visit the United Arab Emirates. The residents of these vacation homes will receive extra service and accommodations that are designed specifically for their needs. They will have access to a fully furnished kitchen and living areas. Foreigners often describe the services that they receive as being absolutely wonderful. Most of these private townhouses and villas are serviced by separate swimming pools and hot tubs.