Gold Cuban Link Chain Tips

Cuban links chain

So you want to buy some Cuban links? I got tired of all my travels to Miami and Las Vegas so when I found out that Cuba had some cool designs I jumped on the chance. I now own several pairs and plan to buy more in the future. The worst part is that I am not in Cuba. But there are a few things that this article will help you do. It may also be of use to others who are considering making the trip.


One: The first thing I found out before I bought any Cuban links chain was that there were a few things that were required to buy them, like a really good size (which I couldn’t find in the store near me), an ID card, and a credit card. I found out that they use a system that matches ID cards with bracelets so that people don’t get confused when trying to buy something. The only minor con found was it did not have the original LV embroidery, but LOVE Cuban links as much as I have given them to others so I have given a bunch away. Also, the guy I bought my links from told me that he does require your name and address so be sure to have those handy. I didn’t need it but he does.


Two: I had been thinking about what I was going to wear with the Cuban link chains. I had considered wearing a pair of Air Force Ones but then remembered how awesome it would be to just wear them with a simple tank top or tee shirt. I actually wear tee shirts and cap sleeves so the Cuban chain works great with either one. I also like the fact that they aren’t made of cheap materials. You can tell that they are quality made by the pricing as well.


I think the best way to wear Cuban links chains is to wear them as a necklace and then put on a pair of skinny jeans. It really looks amazing because the chain is going to stand out and will make you look really hot. I still haven’t gotten the perfect photo of me wearing these things, but I’m sure that once I do they will be perfect.


Three: These chains are available in all gold and silver, which I think is the best that they have to offer. The gold is a nice shade of yellow and looks fantastic with some of the newer pants that are available. I have also worn them on string bikinis where I was able to wear the gold ones around my ankle. These chains are great to use on string bikinis because they tie in the back and make it harder for them to come off.


Four: I have always liked the Cuban links chains. I think they are one of the most unique looking chains out there and I enjoy wearing them. They are made of a real leather band and then have the Cuban name and number on the chain. You can get these chains in plain gold or you can buy them in other gold colors. I have personally preferred the yellow gold, but that’s just me.


Five: The last style that I will discuss is the cufflink Cuban link chain. These are not actually made of gold, they are made of silver. What you do need to be careful about when wearing these is the fact that you need to keep your wrists in proper position. You don’t want your bracelet to rub against your neck.


There you go, now that you have all the info that you need to know about these wonderful gold Cuban chain bracelets. I will let you know later how you can take these chains to another level by wearing them as a waist chain or as a necklace. I think they look great and if you don’t like them, you can’t stop wearing them. I have even seen people wearing these chains as earrings. I’m sure they look even better on you.